What is CSST?

The Consortium for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST) serves as a trans-discipline community, connecting like-minded scholars from many different intellectual communities. CSST brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines to develop a common language and scholarly repertoire as we work to understand diverse sociotechnical issues.

Improving human lives involves understanding sociotechnical systems. Research on human activity such as collaboration, creativity, learning and economic production in domains like healthcare, education, science, leisure, and computing requires researchers to understand both social and technical aspects of human organization. That’s what we do.

We are grateful for the support of the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering.

Here are some the many experiences CSST has to offer:

Find others with similar interests. 
View upcoming events in sociotechnical sciences. 
Learn valuable skills from these jobs. 
Discover the Summer Institute, a collaboration event.  

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