CSST 2014 : Participants, Mentors and Schedule

The mentors and attendees for the 2014 CSST Summer Institute have been announced. Once again we received many more applicants than we are able to accept, continuing the event’s trend of attracting a diverse group of researchers to the annual event, as well as 3 concurrent events, emerging from prior CSST Institutes and workshops, that build CSST’s intellectual depth and connection building functions.

CSST 2014 Attendees:
Wendy Bellar (Media Studies)
Marisa Brant (Communication and Science Studies)
Casey Fiesler (HCI)
Jeanine Finn (Information Studies)
Guo Zhang Freeman (Information Studies)
Michael Frutiger (IT Management)
Stuart Geiger (Information Studies)
Ian Graves (Computer Science)
Julia Haines (digital media)
Thomas Jenkins (Design)
Jenny Korn (Management)
Aron Lindberg (Communication)
Maggie MacAulay (Information Studies)
Rachel Magee (Information Studies)
Michael Marcinkowski (HCI)
Jennifer Marlow (Information Studies)
Tamara Peyton (Communication)
Casey Pierce (HCI)
Robert Racadio (Human Centered Design and Engineering)
Bryan Semaan (Information Studies)
Nordiana (Dina) Shah (Communications)
Madeline Smith (Journalism)
Harsh Taneja (Computer Science / HCI)
Eric Trainer (Information Studies)
Kristene Unsworth (Information Policy)
Alyson Young (Information Studies)
Atsa Zelenkauskaite (Information Studies)

As always, the 2014 CSST Summer Institute features a group of mentors who bring to the event their extensive and diverse industry and academic backgrounds.

CSST 2014 Mentors:
Mark Ackerman, University of Michigan — CSCW, HCI, Social Computing
Diane Bailey, University of Texas (Co-Director)  — Information Technology and Work
Paul Dourish, University of California Irvine — CSCW, HCI, Social Computing, Science and Technology Studies
Nicole Ellison, University of Michigan — Social Media, Networks, Internet Studies
Sean Goggins, University of Missouri (Co-Director) — Online Groups, Social Computing, Group Informatics
Erik Johnston, Arizona State University — Simulations, Policy, Modeling, Structures
Tony Salvador, Intel — Design Ethnography, I.T. Products
Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Syracuse — Social Media, Political Science
Andrea Tapia, Penn State — Public Institutions and Informatics

Concurrent Events

  1. CSST Infrastructure team: Warren Allen (FSU), Josh Introne (Michigan State), Adam Worral (FSU) and Liz Thiry (Penn State)
  2. The opening meeting (July 8 & 9) of a new virtual institute focused on [Open Online Community Data Research: Prototyping an Open Collaboration Data Factory]: Susan Winter (Maryland), Brian Butler (Maryland), Matt Bietz (UC-Irvine), Libby Hemphill (Illinois Institute of Technology), Jonathan Morgan (Wikimedia Foundation), Sean Goggins (Missouri) and Sabine Brunswicker (Purdue)
  3. Members of the Research Coordination Network on Digital Societies: Steve Sawyer (Syracuse), Wayne Lutters (UMBC) and Brian Butler (Maryland)

The schedule runs from Monday, July 7 to Friday, July 11. More details will be available to attendees closer to the event. The preliminary agenda is as follows:

Monday, July 7

Arrival and settling in
Welcome reception

Tuesday, July 8

Networking activity and breakfast
Welcome and Opening Statement
Interactive session introducing CSST-history, purpose and people

Research Unplugged: Meet your mentors
Spotlight Session 1: Small group review of participant research
Speed Networking Session

Dinner and networking activities

Wednesday, July 9

Networking activity and breakfast
Session: Using sociotech to your advantage
Session: Leveraging Sociotech
Session: Getting published

Spotlight Session 2: Small group review of participant research
Session: – Finding Funding. Finding your voice. Finding your home. Finding your Life.

Dinner and networking activities

Thursday, July 10

Networking activity and breakfast
Participant-led Workshop Planning Session
Participant-led Workshops

Spotlight Session 3: Small group review of participant research
Session: Unanswered Questions: “Career Doctor”
Session: Futurizing: Planning out future activities for the socio-tech movement

Dinner and networking activities

Friday, July 11

Wrap-up and closing remarks

The CSST2014 Summer Institute is hosted by the The iSchool at the University of Missouri, and is sponsored by the institutes listed below. To follow along with the event, visit http://www.sociotech.net/csst2014 and follow on Twitter @sociotechnet and on Facebook: http://www.sociotech.net/facebook.


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