In memory of Dr. Dana Rotman

It is with great sadness that I am passing on the news that Dana (Dr. Dana Rotman) died last night. Her husband Yaron Rotman wrote to tell me that Dana died peacefully in his arms after saying goodbye to their three children and her mother. Dana was 42 years old and as many of you know, she had been suffering from breast cancer, which was diagnosed a little less than two and a half years ago. Despite her illness Dana was an avid researcher and scholar and she loved being a member of our iSchool community. Dana defended her doctoral dissertation in March and at last week’s commencement ceremony she was awarded her doctorate. Becoming Dr. Dana Rotman was not only a huge achievement, it was a great joy for Dana and her family. Dana was a scholar right up to the end. Indeed, two days ago Dana wrote asking what we discussed at a recent workshop on citizen science that she had hoped to attend.
Dana was an inspiration to all of us as she coped with her declining health with dignity. She was admired and respected by her many friends at the iSchool for her collegial friendly manner, intellectual ability, sense of humor, can do attitude and competence. We will miss her terribly but we will remember her for all of these qualities as I know she would want to be remembered. Dana’s contribution to citizen science will have an impact for years to come. She is the only person to have done such a deep cross cultural study that I know will be of interest to many. Dana had a natural ability to do this kind of work, which was manifest by her deep appreciation for the role of culture in influencing effective prosocial citizen science practices. She was particularly skilled in interviews and grounded theory analysis, paying special attention to detail that less rigorous researchers would likely have missed. Dana has done much to help mend the world in the Jewish spirit of Tikkun Olam.
With warm wishes to all of you as we remember our dear friend and colleague Dana Rotman.
Jenny Preece