Sociotech Research Library

Browse and search the full sociotechnical publications library in our Zotero groupDozens of publication venues are included in this list (they’re all listed here) and articles that explicitly engage sociotechnical phenomena are highlighted on You can subscribe to a feed of these articles here. You can also subscribe to a (very active!) RSS feed of all of the articles published by all of the listed venues.

Core sociotechnical readings

CSST curates a library of notable contributions to the growing and diverse body of sociotechnical literature. Curated by the experts in the CSST Sociotechnical Community, this list of core sociotechnical readings will help students and scholars establish a basic understanding of the history and ideas that constitute sociotechnical scholarship.

Recent Sociotechnical Publications

CSST also collects recent sociotechnical publications from journal articles and conference proceedings. If you have a recent publication you feel should be added, send us an email.

Recent additions to the library:

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