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Join the Volunteer Team of Content and Community Management and the Discourse-powered community forum are volunteer-run by busy academics and students, so we’re always looking for new contributors. Here are some ways in which you could help:

  • Post announcements about events, CFP, and news that is of interest to our interdisciplinary audience. The only rule is never start a post with “Sorry for the Cross Post.” Okay that’s not the only rule, but it is a rule.
  • Moderate community content and discussion. Okay, so the forum is pretty darn quite. But with your help it can grow! And that means trolls and spam. Help us moderate it!
  • Improve and extend our resources. There are projects that we’d love to start or extend, but we’re waiting for you to join us! A better directory of research resources? More and better syllabi? Bring your WordPress, PHP, D3, CSS, ABC, or 123 knowledge and we’ll put it to use.

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