2015 Summer Research Institute Attendees

Listed here are all attendees for the 2015 CSST Summer Research Institute. There are a total of 63 attendees this year across five groups: campers, mentors, the infrastructure team, and two catalyst teams. This list should be useful for collecting all of your CSST Trading Cards!

Karen Baker Doctoral Student University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Joe Bayer Doctoral Student University of Michigan
Bridget Blodgett Assistant Professor University of Baltimore
Erin Brady Doctoral Student University of Rochester
Julia Bullard Doctoral Student University of Texas at Austin
Laura Devendorf Doctoral Student University of California, Berkeley
Tawanna Dillahunt Assistant Professor University of Michigan
Andy Echenique Doctoral Student University of California, Irvine
Greg Edeson Doctoral Student University of Tasmania
Engida Gebre Postdoctoral Researcher University of Colorado, Boulder
Colin Gray Postdoctoral Researcher Iowa State University
Beka Gulotta Doctoral Student Carnegie Mellon University
Keith Han Doctoral Student Pennsylvania State University
Yun Huang Assistant Professor Syracuse University
C.J. Hutto Doctoral Student Georgia Institute of Technology
Nassim JafariNaimi Assistant Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Kaziunas Doctoral Student University of Michigan
Tanya Kelley Doctoral Student Arizona State University
Jinyoung Kim Doctoral Student University of Maryland
Neha Kumar Postdoctoral Researcher University of Southern California
Misa Maruyama Doctoral Student University of Hawaii
Andrew Miller Postdoctoral Researcher University of Washington
Gabriel Mugar Doctoral Student Syracuse University
Mustafa Ozkaynak Assistant Professor University of Colorado, Anschutz
Hani Safadi Assistant Professor Stevens Institute of Technology
Anastasia Sergeeva Postdoctoral Researcher VU University Amsterdam
Austin Toombs Doctoral Student Indiana University
Nic Weber Doctoral Student University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Pawel Wozniak Doctoral Student Chalmers University of Technology
Wanli Xing Doctoral Student University of Missouri
Rayoung Yang Doctoral Student University of Michigan
Zhan Zhang Doctoral Student Drexel University
Jason Zietz Doctoral Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Ken Anderson Principal Researcher Intel
Cecilia Aragon Associate Professor University of Washington
Diane Bailey Associate Professor University of Texas at Austin
Elizabeth Churchill Director, User Experience Google
Dan Cosley Associate Professor Cornell University
Cliff Lampe Associate Professor University of Michigan
Wayne Lutters Associate Professor University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Bonnie Nardi Professor University of California, Irvine
Leysia Palen Associate Professor University of Colorado, Boulder
Scott Robertson Professor University of Hawaii
Steve Sawyer Professor Syracuse University
Andrea Tapia Associate Professor Pennsylvania State University
Mike Twidale Professor University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Infrastructure Team
Warren Allen Assistant Professor Florida State University
Josh Introne Assistant Professor Michigan State University
Daniel Carter Doctoral Student University of Texas at Austin
Kendall Koning Doctoral Student Michigan State University
Jonathan Morgan Doctoral Student Michigan State University
Liz Thiry Research Data Scientist/Instructor Booz Allen/Pennsylvania State University
Catalyst Workshop (Online collective action)
Amanda Hughes Hughes Utah State University
Brian Keegan Research Associate Harvard University
Alex Leavitt Doctoral Student University of Southern California
Bryan Semaan Assistant Professor Syracuse University
Kate Starbird Assistant Professor University of Washington
Catalyst Workshop (Local information landscapes)
Rosta Forzan Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh
Steven Clift Executive Director E-democracy
Brian Butler Professor University of Maryland
Claudia Lopez Doctoral Student University of Pittsburgh
Myeong Lee Doctoral Student University of Maryland

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